We have accumulated many samples through years of work. You can contact customer service to get sample patterns. If you have samples, you can also mail them to us. If you have special requirements, we will re-sample upon request. Some samples are complicated in process and need to collect the sample fee. Some samples are simple, we can give you as a gift, you only need to pay the postage.

We support the following methods for small receipts.If necessary, we can also use PayPal or cryptocurrency.

We commonly use two transaction payment methods, TT payment transaction and guaranteed payment transaction.
Since our products are produced in real time, a 30%-50% deposit is required for TT transactions. We will record a video for you after the production is completed, and you will pay the remaining payment before the goods are shipped. We will provide you with the shipping number immediately.
If secured transactions are used, we support letters of credit as well as third-party secured transactions. For third-party guaranteed transactions, we recommend using trusple and lazada‘s platform transactions.
Transaction method We support EXW, FOB, CIF.
Our quotation is EXW price, and the customs clearance fee and transportation fee of FOB and CIF are charged by the freight forwarding company. If you have a cooperative cargo forwarding company, please arrange to contact us.

After confirming the sample and transaction method, your order can be sent to us by email or whatsapp. Before you place an order, please ask us for our company information and account number. If a secured transaction is required, we need to sign a contract for filing.

We have done OEM for more than 200 enterprises around the world.

If you need OEM, please provide us with brand certificate information.

Delivery time consists of production time and logistics time, you can provide product quantity and delivery location. We will calculate the production time and logistics time. Of course, except for reasons of force majeure, we will try our best to abide by the time limit.

Since we do not have our own logistics company, we all use third-party freight forwarding companies. Shipping services are provided by them. If you have your own freight forwarding company, we are willing to cooperate with him. We usually use sea transportation, if you need, you can also ask for air and land transportation.