How to test the adhesive effect of the Velcro adhesive on the back?

http://jsfz.ltdI have experienced business for a period of time before and found that many customers call me less than ten minutes after receiving samples of adhesive Velcro, saying that the adhesive effect of adhesive Velcro is not good. I am worried, but in fact, the correct testing method is necessary to determine whether the adhesive effect of adhesive Velcro is good or not. Usually, after communicating with customers and providing them with normal testing methods, most customers can meet their adhesive requirements, How can we test the stickiness of our adhesive Velcro correctly?

Adhesive Velcro

Firstly, we need to understand the characteristics of the back adhesive Velcro. The adhesive used for the back adhesive Velcro is a pressure sensitive adhesive. Based on the adhesive characteristics, we determine the appropriate testing standards.

The first point: Ensure that the bonding surface is clean, tidy, and free of foreign objects. If there are foreign objects or moisture on the bonding surface, it will definitely affect the adhesion of the adhesive.

The second point: When fitting, press it properly with your fingers, as pressure sensitive adhesive requires a certain amount of force to make full contact between the adhesive and the material during initial use.

The third point is to test the adhesive effect 24 hours after bonding. Hot melt adhesive requires a certain amount of time for the glue molecules to move and firmly penetrate the bonding surface material. Only after penetration can the adhesive effect be strong.


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