Nylon magic sticker

Nylon Adhesive Velcro

Nylon adhesive Velcro is a common Velcro hook and loop, it is very convenient to disassemble, usually nylon adhesive Velcro is used in electronics factories, wire and cable, stationery department stores and daily necessities, etc. Nylon Velcro straps can also be called binding straps, cable ties, etc. It is made of nylon material injection molding, and the fire rating has reached 94V-2. Nylon Velcro straps are acid-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and insulating etc. are very good, and the nylon Velcro is not easy to age, and the ability to withstand is very strong. The operating temperature can be between -20°C and 80°C. Nylon Velcro can also be applied to the fixing of mechanical equipment oil pipelines, the fixing of cable lines on ships, and so on. Nylon Velcro straps have fast binding, good insulation, easy to use, low price, stable quality, suitable for mass purchases and can be punched into various sizes, shapes and colors according to customer requirements. Especially Nahai adhesive Velcro. The mold, injection molding process and materials of nylon Velcro are very particular, and usually the nylon Velcro that can be produced is qualified. The back of the nylon Velcro is coated with a layer of special self-adhesive glue at high temperature so that when the product is in use, it only needs to press the adhesive and the adhered material together, and simply peel off the release oil paper on the back of the Velcro. It can be pasted on various types of smooth and clean objects. Scope of application: plastic PVC, paper products, automotive supplies, stationery, plastic, raincoats, leather, metal, wood, electronics, glass, ceramics, bathroom supplies, etc.


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