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coating loop&hook

Different glue can be sprayed as required

Die-cutting shape

Cut into any shape through the mold


Used in cars, homes, electronics

Color loop&hook

You can customize the color according to the international color card standard


Applicable to the military camouflage uniforms,


Ribbon can also make a variety of beautiful color belt, reflective belt, jacquard belt

back to back

back to back plush & hook It is a plush & hook with both bilateral inconsistencies.One side is plush, and the other is hook.

Use example

Back-to-back can be made into a variety of ties, hooks, a wide range of uses

Use teaching

Back-to-back can be made into a variety of ties, hooks, a wide range of uses

Plane hook

The hook surface is flat and Will not hurt, suitable for baby supplies, skin contact surface, and beautiful products need to be

No fluffy cloth

The hair surface is delicate, does not drop hair, and is friendly to the skin.Suitable for infant supplies to contact the skin.

Video display

Soft texture, suitable for gloves, baby products and skin contact surfaces


Can be bent and cut into shape.Applicable to accessories, clothing surfaces

Elastic band

It is elastic and can stretch.Suitable for infant diapers, loose clothes

Elastic band video

Elastic belt is made into binding belt, which is very convenient for binding things with uncertain size


The same surface has plush and hooks at the same time, which can be pasted


Use features to make soft hooks and tie

Video presentation

Because of the characteristics of the product, it can be made into a hook of non -fixed length