Various types of Velcro

Adhesive Velcro

The back of the nylon velcro is coated with a layer of special self-adhesive glue at high temperature. When the product is used, the back glue and the adhered material are pressed together. Just simply peel off the release oil paper on the back of the velcro, and it can be pasted on various types. On smooth and clean objects.

Back to Back Velcro

The Velcro hair surface and the hook surface (A+B) are compounded so that the hair hooks are not on the same surface. Used in wire and cable, optical fiber and cable, toys, electronic appliances, etc. It can also be designed according to the customer\’s requirements. Or supply raw materials and cut them by yourself. It can also print company LOGO, website and advertising promotion information, etc.

hair curler velcro

The kind that uses Velcro. This way the hair does not need to be fixed on the shelf even if it is curled.

Velcro with hook and hair

The Velcro hook and hair fit together. One side is hooked and the other is hooked. It is generally used to make cable ties and has good stickiness.

Fleece Velcro

Wide range of uses, suitable for clothes, handbags, shoes, sporting goods, medical supplies, wigs, etc. Strong adhesion and durable.

Mushroom Head Velcro

This product is different from ordinary Velcro. The hook part is made of Polyester, which is very tough. In addition to the unique mushroom-shaped design, the pulling force is extremely strong.