Various uses of Velcro


There are many types of buckle Velcro, each type has different uses, and different uses have different effects!

1. Velcro nylon Velcro is a kind of ordinary Velcro. Its use is a very wide variety in Velcro. It has a wide range of applications, such as furniture, medical care, health care, household, clothing, shoes, hats, building materials , hardware, plastics, accessories, hairdressing, children\'s clothing, luggage, etc. can use ordinary Velcro.

2. The use of adhesive Velcro is also very extensive: However, there are certain conditions for the interface that adhesive Velcro needs to be attached to. It must be attached to a smooth interface, and the temperature should not be too high or the temperature should not be too low. Suitable for the interface of glue bonding, there are several grades of glue for back adhesive Velcro, such as ordinary glue and special glue, which are measured according to the temperature. So their uses are different. According to ordinary glue, it has been used on smooth glass interface. If it is special glue, it should be used on the interface that is not very smooth. If the glue is measured according to temperature, then it is Find the interface that suits him!

3. The injection hook and the fleece Velcro are also widely used. Usually, the injection hook Velcro is generally used on baby clothing as a buckle, and the fleece cloth is widely used. It can be used on baby clothing. It can also be used on pajamas, pillows, towels, headscarves and other items.

4. Velcro cable ties are also widely used. Usually we see a lot of cable ties. They are all plastic or rope-type, but we have not found that there is a rope that is worthy of our attention. Velcro straps, elastic webbing, etc. These cable ties are very worthy of our digging and use. We all use simple and convenient straps to bundle our wires and items, so choosing Velcro straps is undoubtedly a pursuit of our lives, as long as there is any need The tied items can be tied with Velcro ties!