Velcro – magic magic weapon

Many people have seen Velcro on weekdays, but often people don\’t know what it looks like when they mention Velcro, so what is Velcro? Trabecula below will tell you about this very functional Velcro.
Velcro, also known as adhesive buckle, is a kind of connecting accessories used in many places in daily life. It has two sides of ab, has good adhesion, and has a wide range of applications. We can often see this kind of thing on the placket or sleeve loop of the clothes.
It is also very useful to make a lot of products with Velcro. Velcro cable ties are a kind of use that everyone often sees. Our computer cables or network cables can be tied up with this kind of thing, which has a good finishing function. There is also a kind of back glue Velcro, which is made of special glue, has very strong adhesive force, and can stick to various smooth and clean objects very well. It can be used very well for such situations as holes in our clothes. There is also a kind that is used on the hair, which can save the trouble of curling the hair and putting it on the shelf. There is a kind of Velcro with hook and hair that can be used as a cable tie very well…

In addition to the products promoted by Velcro briefly mentioned above, there are countless products in production and research and development. All in all, Velcro is a tool that brings convenience to people, and it is a very good thing.