Velcro strap

The magic stickers, also known as the magic beam line, the sticky belt, it is different from the ordinary tie, the ordinary strap, the design has a retreat function, and can only be tighter and tighter.The magic sticker uses the principle of magic stickers. It is a kind of connection to the auxiliary division and the mother. On the one hand, the fine and soft fiber is the harder like Xiao Mao caught.Just post it together.Under a certain tensile force, the elastic hook is straightened, opens the gel from the velvet circle, and then restores the original hook type.Various types of items are often opened and close or buckled, but traditional adhesive bands can only be fixed on products or objects.

Product Usage

Uses: It can be used for internal cables \ outer mouse wire \ keyboard cable \ network cable \ speaker cables, etc., headset cables, various power charger cables, cables, home appliance audio lines, and surrounding cables of the cabinet to make them reasonably layout, Neatly beautiful, easy to clean up

Magic Patch Line Band

It can be easily used to sort and sort out various wires and data cables in the family.With the development of the magic stickers, with the development of technology, the application of magic stickers is constantly increasing, and its variety is constantly evolving. The nylon magic stickers used by the original clothing handbag factories have evolved into the backdrop of the plastic hardware household product factory.Sticking magic stickers, the magic stickers of the electrical factory electrical factories, fixed straps for plant use,


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