What is the production process of professional hook and loop fasteners?

The production process of the hook and loop fastener will also directly affect the quality of the hook and loop fastener. Therefore, before purchasing the hook and loop fastener, it is necessary for us to understand this knowledge first, so that we can know which hook and loop fastener manufacturer has a professional production process.

The whole production process of hook and loop products is basically as follows:

  1. Firstly, the raw material nylon yarn is formed into the shape of the embryo by the loom through the loom.
  2. Dye the embryo belt of the semi-finished product into various colors through high-temperature dyeing equipment.
  3. The suede embryo belt of the hook and loop fastener is dyed first, and then the surface of the suede surface of the color embryo belt is brushed into curls by the raising machine equipment, and then it is sized and shaped.
  4. The hook surface is to shape the hook surface of the dyed embryo belt, and then cut the nylon monofilament on the embryo belt surface evenly and properly through the imported hook cutting machine to form a hook-adhesive embryo belt.
  5. Finally, the Velcro strips are slit into various widths required by the imported slitting and rolling equipment, and then cut to the required length and rolled into boxes for finished products.

The application of hook and loop is very large, and it is widely used in garment factories, shoe and hat factories, luggage factories, sofa factories, curtain factories, toy factories, tent factories, glove factories, sports equipment factories, medical equipment factories, electronic plastic factories and All kinds of military products and other supporting industries sell well all over the world.