Why do users recognize the Velcro adhesive on the back of milk tea delivery bags

When it comes to milk tea bags, I believe most people nowadays are familiar with them. However, when it comes to milk tea bag adhesive Velcro, I believe many people are very confused. What is the name of milk tea delivery bag adhesive Velcro? Why is it recognized by many customers who use it now!

Many friends like to order takeout, which is not only convenient and convenient, but also very exquisite bags. If you are a senior milk tea professional, you will definitely give it a try. Milk tea bags are constantly changing, from the most valuable plastic bags, to the paper bags at the back, to the non-woven bags now. Not only are the colors bright, but the styles are also becoming more and more exquisite, and the sealing methods are also becoming more and more special, from not sealing at the beginning to using transparent tape and double-sided tape, Nowadays, with the increasing convenience of using adhesive tape, why will adhesive tape replace traditional double-sided tape? This is because it is convenient, beautiful, high-end, can be reused thousands of times, and environmentally friendly, so many actual user experiences are very good.


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